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Visiting St Peter's for the first time - What to expect


You will normally be greeted at the entrance to the church and given all the relevant books and information sheets for the service. Usually these will include a hymn book, a service sheet and a "link sheet" which provides detailed information on the particular service including readings, prayers and musical items.

Seating  You are free to sit wherever you wish in the pews on the ground floor (the Gallery is not generally used). Some movable chairs are provided for general use at the rear of the church, and this is also the designated wheelchair area.

Noise  We request that noise is kept to a minimum from entering the church until the end of the organ voluntary at the close of the service. We do recognise, however, that in family services some noise from children is usual. We also request that all mobile phones are switched off or placed on a silent mode.

The Service Please follow the service sheet. Instructions will either be given or indicated on the service sheet as to when to sit and stand. Generally we stand for hymns and sit or kneel for prayers. If in doubt follow the person in front of you!

Giving Money During the service a collection will be taken. Please do not feel under any obligation. All money collected goes towards funding the church and its mission which costs around 450 per week and for which we receive no government funding, so we would be grateful for whatever you can give.

Communion: what should I do? You are welcome to receive communion if you are a communicant member of your own church of any denomination. Alternatively you may come for a blessing and you should indicate this by keeping your hands folded by your side or behind your back.

Afterwards Coffee is usually served after the service and you are welcome to stay for this. There is no charge, but a small donation may be made into the pot on the coffee table. A toilet is provided at the rear of the church.

And... If you have been affected by anything that happened in the service, or if you  would like to learn more as a result of anything you heard or read, please talk to the vicar, either after the service, by ringing him on Buxton 23629, or by email contact.
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